Cakes are not junk food

Many people call cakes junk food.  Some blame cakes as the source of obesity.  You often hear people feeling sinful when they are eating cakes.  Is that really so?  Are cakes the source of evil and hindrance to your big diet plan?  Let me tell you, it is all misconception!  Cakes are not junk food.  In fact, they bring a lot of benefits to your diet while you call it junk food!

First of all, cakes are good source of carbohydrates.  Cakes contain flour and sugar.  It provides your body energy.  You often feel that your body recharged after one or two pieces of cakes.  It is a good snacks and filler between meals.  Besides, cakes are also good supply of protein as it usually contains eggs, milk, butter and other dairy products.  Milk provides you calcium and lower risk of bone loss and make sure your teeth stay healthy.  Cake toppings like fruits are great source of vitamins and fiber.  Vitamins boost your immunity while fibers prevent you from getting constipation.  While you count the nutrients that cakes bring to you, will you still call it junk food?   

Consider if you are a chocolate cake lover, dark chocolate and cocoa contents in cakes are actually helpful to your heart.  Dark chocolate contains disease-fighting antioxidants.  It helps to lower chances of getting high blood pressure and improve blood circulation.  Most of all, it also lowers the bad cholesterol.  Study shows that regular intake could decrease the risk of stroke and heart attack by 39 percent.    Most of all, cocoa helps to slow down cancer growth.  It is especially helpful to fastest-growing cancers like colon cancer and leukemia.  In fact, cocoa speed up destruction of cancer cells thus indirectly prolong the life span of a terminal cancer patient.

Statistic also shows that people who are on diet tend to fail if they totally remove cakes and sweet stuff from their diet compared to those who embrace it reasonably.  This is because one tends to over eat and find it irresistible if they totally cut down sweet intakes after a prolonged period.  To have an effective diet, one must know how to reward yourself reasonably with sweet treat after achieving a milestone.  This helps to keep you going and reach your goal over long term.

Besides nutrients and physical health benefits, sweet stuff like cakes incredibly improve your mental health too.  Have you ever wondered how a piece of cake after a long moody day manage to cheer you up?  People who feel down and depressed feel much better after a sweet feast.  This is because sugar releases a chemical called dopamine in your brain.  It stimulates the brain to make you feel rewarded and motivated.  Besides dopamine, endogenous opioids in sugar gives you a surge of good feeling and helps release your stress.  In fact, not sure if it works for you but I always offer myself sweet treats like cakes to keep my spirit high after a long week of hard work and thus feeling motivated for the new work week ahead. 

Socially, cakes are excellent food to build relationship with your colleagues, friends and family.  Sitting down together to have a sweet feast and have heart to heart talks are definitely helpful to reduce frictions and help understand each other better.  Sending a birthday cake to your colleague and loved one shows you care.  An afternoon tea party helps to expand your friend network, and many more social benefits that you can count on cakes.

Cakes are not junk food.  In contrast, it is a holy food which brings magical benefits you physically, mentally and also socially.  Most of all, it is tasty!