Types of Oven

Walking down the aisle of department store, you probably get lost with so many brands and types of ovens on the shelves.  Before we talk about brands, let’s understand different types of oven and their functionalities.  In the market today, we can simply call out 6 main types of ovens.

#1 Conventional Oven

The heat of a conventional oven usually comes from one source which is the bottom.  However, some conventional ovens may have heat come from top and bottom at the same time too.  This type of oven is usually used at household. 

#2 Convection Oven

A Convection oven looks similar to a conventional oven, except that it has additional fan and exhaust system to circulate the hot air.  This has resulted a consistent heat in every corner of the oven, thus produces an evenly baked goods.  Besides, the cooking time is 25% faster when you use a convection oven compared to a conventional one.  Thus, it is commonly used for commercial purpose.   Nevertheless, convection oven usually produces cakes which are very dry outside but still wet inside.  This is because the oven much faster warmed up with the fan that the outside has already fully cooked and yet inside is still raw.  The good thing is some convection oven could get the fan turned off when baking.

#3 Steam Oven

A microwave oven uses hot steam rather than hot air to cook.  It was said that it can help keeping nutrients in the food and preserve the food color better.  Best of all, the taste of your cake will not get contaminated even though you bake your salmon together in a steam oven.  Again, the cooking time is faster than a conventional oven.  

#4 Microwave Oven

A microwave oven uses high frequency electromagnetic field to cook the food.  It is a very practical home appliances which can cook food, reheat cooked food, disinfect kitchen items, roast garlics, etc..

#5 Combination Oven

A combination oven is a super machine which allows you to use steam to cook like a steam oven, or use hot air to cook like a convection oven or even turn on both steam and air mode.   In simple word, it has 3-in-1 function which offer you flexibility to cook in a single unit.

#6 Wood Oven


Quoted from Wikipedia, Wood-fired ovens, also known as wood ovens, are ovens that use wood fuel for cooking. There are two types of wood-fired ovens: "black ovens" and "white ovens".[Black ovens are heated by burning wood in a chamber. Food is cooked in that same chamber while the fire is still going, or in the heated chamber after the fire and coals have been swept out. White ovens are heated by heat transfer from a separate combustion chamber and flue-gas path. Thus, the oven remains "white", or clean from ash.

Well, in my next article I am going to talk about how to choose a good oven which suits your needs.  Stay tuned..