Why Baking?

Baking to me is a therapeutic process.  When baking, nothing is in my mind except recipe in front of me. It is the time that i can get myself away from the hustle and bustle of life and focus on one single little thing that I love to do.  I always enjoy that state of mindfulness and the only “me-time” that i have.  Call it therapeutic since it makes me feel good and recharged after each baking session.

Study shows that baking does indeed bring a lot of incredible benefits to human being.  While one goes through end to end process of baking starting from measuring the ingredients, sieving the flour, beating eggs, mixing, folding, putting batter into the oven, decorating and topping...all these step by step process actually train a person to be systematic and meticulous.   The full attention that one devotes to each step somehow helps one to reach state of mindfulness.  A lot of people describe baking as a meditative since baking allows them to put thoughts and troubles behind.   Most of all, the flavor of the ingredients like cocoa and chocolate stimulate a happy hormone that will lift your spirit.  Generally, people are happier and more contented when they bake.

Consider baking as hobby not only helps to pass your time but also benefit people around you.  The delicious baked goods that you enjoy together with your friends and family helps you to have closer ties with people around you.  Bake a birthday cake for your loved one shows how much you care. Sending a lovely cake or pastry over to the next door is the best gesture that you can give to your neighbour.  Lastly, showing off your skill at parties with the most Instagram-able cake photos definitely delight every lady and make you proud of yourself!

Besides being a hobby, baking is a skillset which one can make it as career.  During the recent pandemic, we see that many bakers have emerged, making baking as their career switch or secondary career.  While enjoying so many benefits out of baking, it has become an alternative source of income for many people during this very difficult time.

Not only that, baking is also a cognitive activity which stimulate your brain.   You need to prepare your ingredients and have planning ahead before you start baking.  Enhancing or even creating your own recipe is undeniable a high intelligent activity.  I strongly feel that retirees should pick up baking as their hobbies as it helps their mind to stay active and occupied.  It is indeed a good way for aged retirees to stay away from dementia.  While they bake, they recollect their self-esteem and confidence.  Sharing their baked goods with people around them again makes them socially engaged and feeling a sense of accomplishment. 

To me, baking is addictive.  The moment you fold your sleeves and work on the whisk and roller pin, you have already started a no returning journey.