Camemberu Recommendation



Catherine Ling is the founder of the award-winning blog and has been covering food and travel in Asia since 2007. Her blog has led to opportunities writing for CNN Travel, NineMSN, Yahoo Makanation and Makansutra. She has appeared on various TV food programs, like Food Wars Asia, On The Red Dot, Ch8 Tuesday Report. Catherine also held a radio spot on Foodie Lunch Pick on 93.8LIVE from 2010-2014.

We are most honored to have Catherine to review our products.  Her high praise about Xin Bakery has given us extra boost in moving our products to another level.  Besides Chocolate Berry Tart and Italian Meringue Macarons, Catherine has highly recommended Raspberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Cream Cheese Tart.

Catherine and her family favorite is the Raspberry Cheesecake.  She expressed in her review : "The resplendent raspberry cheesecake. It's so dense and decadent. So much cream cheese has gone into this. That sensation when you take a bite and let it just sink and melt on the tongue...heaven. The flavours are superbly well-balanced - sweet and tangy with a hint of salty. Even the crust goes so well with the filling. We tried to save this over several days to enjoy slowly. " We are absolutely thrilled by her high compliment!
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Photos credits to Camemberu